Residential HVAC Installation and Service

Dynatech Service is a customer-focused Northern Virginia area HVAC company, dedicated to responding to all your air-conditioning/heating needs.

We specialize in HVAC service including repairs, installation, and maintenance. Our engineering know-how and project management expertise are backed by over 15 years of experience in HVAC installation and service.

Our company philosophy is to provide honest and reliable HVAC services with integrity and a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee.

Our Residential HVAC Service include:

  • Heating/Air Conditioning Repair
  • Heating/Air Conditioning Installation
  • Heating/Air Conditioning Maintenance

Common Air Conditioning Repair Issues

Air conditioners are built with a variety of components that can go bad. Below is a list of common AC issues we handle for our customers::

  • Wheezing, whining, and other strange noises from the condenser
  • Warm air blowing out of the supply registers
  • Inside air it too humid even when the unit is running
  • The compressor never starts even after trying to engage
  • The air conditioner will not engage at all
  • Air is blowing out of the vents but the condenser won’t power up and cool the air

Common Heating Repair Issues

Your home heating system will show some signs as an indicator before it starts to break down. These signs could include:

  • Strange noises
  • Tripped breakers
  • Reduced performance
  • Odd smells
  • The heater is not functioning
  • Rooms in your home are cold

The Air Conditioner Repair Process

During the summer, you know if your air conditioner is not working properly. However, you need a technician to locate the problem. At Dynatech Service, our service technicians use the latest equipment to find the problem and fix it. In most cases, we are able to repair your AC in just one visit because we carry most common parts on our service trucks. 

Refrigerant leaks can degrade the performance of your AC unit and can permanently damage your system. This is one of the most common items to happen, so our technicians always check this first.

The Heating Repair Process

We understand better than anyone how aggravating it is when your heating system fails in the middle of winter weather. You need to have a quick response from a reliable HVAC company when your heating system isn’t functioning properly. We have a dedicated department of heating technicians that are always ready to help you when you need your furnace fixed quickly. When you call for us for HVAC repair services, we will schedule an appointment that works with your busy schedule.

How can we help you?
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Dynatech technician was a true professional. He showed up right on time, was polite, and gave complete and understandable explanations of what he was doing. He offered friendly advice so I could get the maximum efficiency from my gas furnace. Service calls can sometimes be a gamble, but with Dynatech Service, I hit the jackpot! They were great and I would hire them again in a minute.

Tom W.
Homeowner, McLean, VA

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